About This Site

The following is test text

What it says yo.

Paragraph. Remember, ol and ul should never be in <p>. Line break. <br />.
Link - Example Link in a paragraph.

required property Paragraph with emphasis <em>, strong <strong>, underline <u>, and all three!

h2 Heading an ordered list

  1. This is an ordered list
  2. Link - Example Link in an ordered list.
  3. This is just a text entry.

h3 Heading an unordered list

h4 Heading quotes

This site <blockquote> is ridiculously stupid, what are you thinking? I mean it's just turtles all the way down!

I agree. He said in a <q> quote..

h5 Heading <code> or <pre>
Here is
	some code
	it isn't really
		code at all
	but it should display
	like code
I hope
h6 Heading definitions
<dt> Definition Term
<dd> Definition Description, describes the term.
A question, attempting to asertain the reason for definition lists.